Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Planet of the...

I have been watching the BBC series "Planet Earth" lately, and last night I went to watch a new episode. I'm trying to watch them in order, and the next one up was "Jungle." Well, clearly that one would have monkeys in it, so I decided that that might sound too contrived and I would not blog it if it did. However, when I put the DVD in I remembered that I had gone to sleep before finishing the segment before "Jungle" which was "Great Plains." Well, I thought, what would be the chance of there being any monkeys in the Great Plains, right? And I'd already "seen" one monkey for the day. WELL, apparently there are these baboon-type primates that live in a plains landscape in Africa somewhere, and when it floods with spring rains, they all come out and hang out in the grassy water. Unfortunately I am having trouble with the screen capture. But, who knew there were grassy monkeys?!.

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