Thursday, March 19, 2009

just a few minutes later...

via cursory myspace check. whew.

mea culpa

i am sorry all three of you. i just have not had the motivation to keep up with the monkeys this week. it's not that I haven't seen them, including twice today, once in a subway commercial, and once in something else I forgot, but it was about 10 minutes earlier. it's just that i'm overwhelmed by life right now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

on the mend

to make up for the past few days...

First, my friend on her facebook page,

Then, a song I heard on my favorite internet radio I wouldn't have noticed it by looking at the playlist, but the dj just announced the songs he was playing, and what albums they were from, so, take that tuesday and wednesday!!

what the?

It has been such a slow week! I am wondering if this grand experiment might be doomed to failure?!


This morning on KPOJ, Thom Hartmann was on a rant about mood-altering drugs, prozac and wellbutrin-type stuff, and he went off on a tangent starting with "...and don't forget the monkey
study the Swiss did" or something like that. Apparently, in this study, the scientists removed some monkeys from a group that were perceived to be depressed due to their demeanor and eating habits. Eventually the rest of the group was wiped out because, as it turns out, these particular monkeys were hanging out on the perimeter of the group and apparently though they were "sad" or something, they also were the ones to give first warning of approaching predators-- like cheetahs! Since these monkeys were removed, or medicated I think with drugs like prozac, they were unable to warn the others in the group of the impending danger, and so they ALL got eaten. Hartmann drew an analogy between these monkeys and what we may be missing about our current society, that so-called "depressed" people or sad people are just more acutely aware of how fucked up things are, of the Impending Danger that exists because all of capitalist western society is headed for the dang cliff!

Now, go have a nice day y'all.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I SO did not plan for the days to get away from me, because I HAVE been writing down all my "sightings" and even taking some pictures, but I have been busting ass making art all weekend! and so, I am behind. Today had this, at the very least:

These are from the tee-vee on saturday, which I had on while working: "'re livin' every guy's DREAM!'s not my dream. My dream is always the same...A monkey gives me the finger, and then flaps his lips at me..."--Kelso on That 70's Show "I dropped out of high school, so now I gotta dance in front 'a you guys like a monkey!"--Duane Johnson aka The Rock in a skit on SNL.
and this is from last night, I think, Sunday on PBS, a show about captive research monkeys being released into sanctuaries, where some of them get to go OUTSIDE and CLIMB TREES for the FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES, AND SOME OF THEM ARE OVER 30 YEARS OLD. I cried.

Friday, March 6, 2009

blame it on the rain

I spent the evening at Carissa's last nite, she fed me cheese and bread and noodles and wine, and for that I am grateful! Then we watched 30 Rock, for which I am also grateful. One of the storylines involved Jack Donaghee watching Harry and the Hendersons, referring back to Harry several times as the "woodland ape." Alas I'd spaced it by the time I got home and didn't post yesterday.
For Today however, we have this sad news about Peter Tork, the cutest of all the
Monkees, IMHO.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the beer that Dana ordered tonight at the Morrison Hotel, where we also had delicious hamburgers. and good times!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

breakfast, lunch, dinner

Well, really it should be: Lunch, Dinner, Midnite Snack.

Lunch: dropped by Paul's this afternoon and this lighter was on the bar. he has a bar. but the monkey lighter is posing on top of the record player cabinet.

Dinner: plopped on the couch (there's that word again) to vegitate while having some delicious noodles. This was on one of the craptacular Entertainment-Magazine-Type Shows, apparently a tangent off of the freaky chimp freak-out story. This guy seems harmless though right? I mean, apparently he likes to go for walks in the snow wearing a trendy puffer jacket in a nice, bright electric-banana-yellow. He's been in snow before, right? It wouldn't freak him out or anything, would it? Um...

Midnite snack: I've been listening to an archive of an excellent show from my favorite online radio station: The show was Peer Pressure from 2/18/09, it was the shit, so many great songs, including one by the dj's band towards the end of the show. And I linked to the band's myspace page because the song was really fucking good, and tah-dah, there were images of their flyers in the pics. The song was Pasting Leaves. Yay!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tie ie ee eim/is on my knee/yes it is

In the lobby of the temp agency I went to today,
Time Magazine on the magazine table,
Kate Winslet on the cover,
flippin thru, camera in bag, there you have it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself.

"...that's why you never fight a lady monkey."

--words uttered by Dale Gribble on King of the Hill, which is on the TV behind me, which is still on after the Simpsons and before Family Guy. Then I'm turning in early (with the crossword, of course) because I actually have an interview tomorrow at a fancy temp agency. hooray!

Note: it was the plan all along to use an image of Dale Gribble, but I google-imaged "lady monkey," you know, for kicks! And, well, despite there being some interesting, though less-relevant-than-I'd-hoped images (including a link to some adorable cats on flickr):, (scroll forward to "balance")

the very first one in line on the results page was so shocking that all I can bring myself to do is make YOU do it: !

A hoodie with an ape screenprinted on the side of the hood!I want one of these RIGHT NOW! Actually I think I'd want the Obama one, but the ape one is pretty fantastic!