Monday, January 19, 2009

A hair by any other color would smell like chocolate.

I was beginning to think this was wrong on so many levels, a small ad banner from yet another blog today at work. I didn't do the best screen capture (I AM supposed to be WORKING at work, right), so when I uploaded it just now and gave it another look, I totally thought it was an ad for HAIR COLOR! You know, a deep brown shade called Supreme Dark Chocolate! Color level 72! All Natural! Oh dear, I looked at it again on the actual blog and was very relieved to see it is an ad for, YES, Supreme Dark Chocolate CHOCOLATE. Come on, though, the packaging seems just like hair color, doesn't it?!? I see those packages out of the corner of my eye when I shop for shampo. For my delightfully salted pepper hair. NO dyes for me, thank you.

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