Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bulk discount

Yet again, in my weird job, I was required to do a screen capture for one of the PR clients. This time it was from a PDF of a Canadian magazine called Yummy Mummy (insert loud groaning and vomit sounds). The screen capture (on maybe page 2) was for one of the video game clients, but I scrolled down thru the pages out of curiosity. The cover article was about this woman who does hand-painted murals and here, from page 4 or 5, is a rather crappy screen capture of one of her murals called (more sounds here): "Monkey Mommies." Well, I had to go onto her website after that, and really this woman's work is very decent--I'm sure she makes gobs more money than I do--At any rate, the first image that came up on her site was this:

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