Thursday, January 29, 2009

The cartoons are alive with the sound of Monkeys

Third day in a row the Oregonian has come through. Like I've mentined, I read the paper on my lunch break, but I stopped reading the funnies several years ago because, wait for it... they stopped being FUNNY. Then, at some point, the O started carrying Bizarro by Dan Piraro (there it is, right above Jumble. does anyone under the age of 82 even do the Jumble?). That I do read. It is usually, well, bizarre. and funny. Please note how pleased I am that two out of five stomps shown in his collection are dinosaurs! Yay!

Also, tonight I watched the Simpsons while eating dinner, and it was the episode where Homer starts smoking medical marijuana to help him with his "glaucoma." Marge catches him, of course, and in the course of defending himself to her he says, "I could walk up to the president and blow smoke in his stupid monkey face." OBVIOUSLY this episode was made during the Bush presidency...

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