Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where's Your Head At?

So, this same friend-with-kiddo who's been popping up these past several posts, well, I had left one of my CD cases out at her parents' place in the country sometime late this summer. No big whup, I still had my other CD's here at home. I even totally spaced it at some point until I went to find a CD, probably in October, and still didn't remember to remind them to bring it with them next time they came to town until probably Thanksgiving! Well, they brought it in town with them maybe a month ago, and only just TODAY did I remember to grab it when I stopped by my friends' house (follow?). When I got home I flipped through it to jog my memory of which CD's I had been living without since August, such as this one, by the Basement Jaxx! Then, when I Googled them to find out what the name of this album is (faster than looking for the jewel case: Rooty), there was a listing for this:

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