Thursday, February 12, 2009

DANG IT! pretend it's still Wednesday.

I was flippin through my friend Carissa's blog:, and I came across a post that mentioned a monkey. (and thanks, girl, for the shout-outs) But it turned exactly 12:00 midnite before I got to post it here. argh. but here is a screen capture and you should definitely check out her blog.

Earlier at Videorama I rented W., Pineapple Express, and Season 1/Disc 1 of Mad Men. At the checkout, the clerk informed me that 3 new-release rentals gets you one free older one. Yay! So I went back and looked for a documentary. I ran across two in the nature section that had tiny pictures of
monkeys on the spine, but too small to take a phone-pic with, and I was in the mood for something else anyway, like flying dinosaurs. When I got home, I wanted to watch Mad Men first, but the disc in the box was actually number 3, so I watched W. Instead. So, in a way, I DID end up watching a DOCUMENTARY after all, about a MAD man who is a total MONKEY! Ba-dum-pum-CHH!

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