Wednesday, February 4, 2009

this one counts for tuesday. it has to.

I am exhausted, but in a good way. I brought some work home with me, for the first time officially at my "new" job which I've now had since September. I did a quick e-mail check just now before zonking out, and normally I would just turn my computer off entirely, expecially at this late an hour, but I inexplicably only logged off of my e-mail, which then automatically sent me to the home page. And HERE was THIS.

Now, I am too pooped to watch it, of course, but just give me this: that I saw this thing SO near to yesterday that it counts for the blog for Tuesday! NOTE THE TIME. And if I have no legitimate monkeys tomorrow I will still be satisfied. Though, hmm, I wonder if I will have as INSANE of dreams "later on" as I did early early this morning. The friend from yesterday's blog was the main character in one, doing this weird performance/installation/interactive thing, while another friend from when I was a teenager was the main character in another. TMI, i noe.

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