Friday, January 21, 2011


OK. Stay with me on this:

So, last week i read in the Portland Mercury about a movie called "Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone." It was playing here as part of the Reel Music film festival. I wasn't able to see the movie, but i dug out an OLD OLD OLD tape that i made in probably 1991 or 92 when i lived in LA and listened to a LOT of Fishbone (and Jane's Addiction and Bob Marley and Cypress Hill...). I tried to play the tape in my car, but it became stuck in my tape player due to the fancy customn squeezy-paint decoration i embellished the tape with. Ha. I got it out with some pliers, and remembered that this happened to me once before when i first got my car (i should put a post-it note on the tape that says "Do not play this tape in your car, dummy").

Now it is today and I was craving this music so i found it on Grooveshark (an awesome place to listen to music when you don't want to suffer the randomness, commercials and EVERY POSSIBLE GENRE WILL PULL UP A BEATLES SONG of Pandora). And the fantastic song "Short Bus Movin'" includes this line:

"...the mayo men used firehoses to spray the monkeys back in their cages..."

Of course i went straight to youtube to find a video of the song (happy SIXTH birthday to youtube, btw. that's right. only SIX. and you thought it had been around since the beginning of time...). There wasn't a regular video for it, but the first listing that came up was a clip from the movie Tapeheads, one of the most underrated and hilarious movies EVER! The scene in which this song is featured (but not featuring the monkey lyrics) has Fishbone all dressed up in cowboy gear and they are credited with the name "Ranchbone," which just adds yet another hilarious element to this great movie. If you don't believe me, just watch it yourself, and keep an eye out for Roscoe.


  1. Grooveshark is 100% legit. Fishbone is 1000% legit.

    Thanks for posting. I work with Fishbone. The documentary will be getting a wider release later this year. It's freaking AWESOME.

  2. that is AWESOME! How did you find this? I really want to see that movie, make sure it gets shown in Portland.