Thursday, January 13, 2011

this time i'm getting up from the sewing table

As you have probably figured out, i watch a lot of regular tv during the day. I'm not working right now, but i AM working on lots of projects, and i like to have re-runs on when i'm sewing, esp. between 4 and 7pm. These shows are like dear old friends. And when work starts up again next month, I'll have to bid them adieu and hope for other, less tele-centric monkeys. Vive la television!

From How I Met Your Mother (which is actually a fantastic show. It fills in the void left by Friends):

Barney: "Didn't you get my message?"
Robin: "No, I blocked your e-mail after the fourth time you tried to send me that video of a monkey sniffing its butt."

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