Friday, January 23, 2009

hangin' tough

Ah, so, there was NOT ONE MONKEY yesterday. HOW DISAPPOINTING! However, tonight I was treated to some much-needed monkey fun whilst being Aunty to my wee little favoritest 2-yr old in the world. First, one of her library books featured a picture of a sock monkey in the context of holding some sort of cabinet position in a Madame President scenario. I meant to borrow the book and scan the pic tonite, but I'll have to do it tomorrow. It will explain itself. Then, before I left, I espied hanging from the metal window hinge this fine creature with MAGNETS inside the hands (aforementioned wee 2 yr old took off with the analagous tiger friend with same magnet paws).

HONESTLY, it's about time I admitted this:

Let me hereby recognize that if 1) I did not have kid friends, 2) I worked in a non-media/ad/pr/marketing/front desk job and 3) i did not watch any tv or listen to any radio and 4) lived under a rock, then, well, yes, I would probably have a lot less monkey incidents.

As it is, though. I'm still pretty convinced of my premise. Two days with no monkey out of almost a month is not a bad record. There are no other animals like monkeys and apes that make more appearances in media, language, pop culture, literature, music and just general consciousness.
If there IS, then by all means please tell me about it!

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