Saturday, January 24, 2009

on the radio, oh wa oh oh oh

I have the fantastic "job" of painting some fantastic dinosaurs in the wee little two-year-old's new room. While laying out the design, I listened to some talk radio (KPOJ Portland!) before switching to music. You see, it just makes sense to listen to the radio while doing painting projects, because changing CD's once an hour is a pain, and I don't have an ipod. And classic rock just seems to GO very well with painting walls. and so does beer.

While I was listening to the people talk about politics and President Obama (EEEEEEEEEEEE! so stoked to say that), these two phrases came up within about 45 minutes of each other:

"...they wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the works."

" least we didn't get attacked by flying monkeys."

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