Monday, March 9, 2009


I SO did not plan for the days to get away from me, because I HAVE been writing down all my "sightings" and even taking some pictures, but I have been busting ass making art all weekend! and so, I am behind. Today had this, at the very least:

These are from the tee-vee on saturday, which I had on while working: "'re livin' every guy's DREAM!'s not my dream. My dream is always the same...A monkey gives me the finger, and then flaps his lips at me..."--Kelso on That 70's Show "I dropped out of high school, so now I gotta dance in front 'a you guys like a monkey!"--Duane Johnson aka The Rock in a skit on SNL.
and this is from last night, I think, Sunday on PBS, a show about captive research monkeys being released into sanctuaries, where some of them get to go OUTSIDE and CLIMB TREES for the FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES, AND SOME OF THEM ARE OVER 30 YEARS OLD. I cried.

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