Thursday, March 12, 2009

what the?

It has been such a slow week! I am wondering if this grand experiment might be doomed to failure?!


This morning on KPOJ, Thom Hartmann was on a rant about mood-altering drugs, prozac and wellbutrin-type stuff, and he went off on a tangent starting with "...and don't forget the monkey
study the Swiss did" or something like that. Apparently, in this study, the scientists removed some monkeys from a group that were perceived to be depressed due to their demeanor and eating habits. Eventually the rest of the group was wiped out because, as it turns out, these particular monkeys were hanging out on the perimeter of the group and apparently though they were "sad" or something, they also were the ones to give first warning of approaching predators-- like cheetahs! Since these monkeys were removed, or medicated I think with drugs like prozac, they were unable to warn the others in the group of the impending danger, and so they ALL got eaten. Hartmann drew an analogy between these monkeys and what we may be missing about our current society, that so-called "depressed" people or sad people are just more acutely aware of how fucked up things are, of the Impending Danger that exists because all of capitalist western society is headed for the dang cliff!

Now, go have a nice day y'all.

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